Does Rose of Sharon charge by the hour or percentage base?

At Rose of Sharon, we understand that weddings are on a budget, thus we work to keep within your budget. We offer packages that are set fees and packages that are percentage based.

We are getting married in Bermuda in 18 months, I would like to start the legal paper work now. What is the process?

Marriage licenses are valid for 3 months, thus the application must be submitted between 6 weeks to 3 months of your wedding.

My Fiance and I are planning to get married in Bermuda, but we would like to bring our own photographer; is that possible? 

Unfortunately, Bermuda law does not allow overseas guests to bring a photographer to the island for a photo shoot, unless they have been granted a temporary work permit and they hire a local photographer to work with them.

My friend is a licensed minister, and we would like them to marry us. How do I go about that?

According to Bermuda law, a minister must be sponsored by a local denomination; a license to perform marriages must be secured by the denomination and a temporary work permit acquired.

Is my marriage valid in other parts of the world, if we get married in Bermuda?

All marriages performed by a minister licensed to perform weddings in Bermuda are legal world wide.

What is the cost of a marriage license in Bermuda?

As at April 1, 2018 the cost of a marriage license is $398.00.